About Counselling

Counselling sessions

Counselling sessions are for 50 minutes and most often are held on a weekly basis.

In the first session we’ll explore your reasons for seeking counselling and what you hope to achieve through it.  The initial session is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about the counselling process and for us to determine whether counselling at CedarLea is right for you at this time.  You are very welcome to come for an initial session without any obligation to continue.

The number of counselling sessions people have varies depending upon an individual’s needs.  CedarLea offers both short and longer-term face-to-face counselling.  Throughout a series of counselling, we’ll have regular reviews (once every 7 sessions for medium to long-term counselling), which will give you an opportunity to see how you are progressing and consider the issues you’d like to focus on going forward, until you feel ready to finish your series of counselling.

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Type of Counselling

The type of counselling I provide at CedarLea is called Integrative, which means I employ different counselling techniques, adapting the counselling to suit the needs of each client.  It includes aspects of CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), Psychodynamic, Person Centred counselling, and the CWR Integrative Model of Christian Counselling.

This spectrum of counselling resources equips us to explore your past and childhood influences (if this is relevant for you), to holistically consider your current situation, and provide you with some tools to facilitate positive changes.  A past, present and future approach.

Our counselling sessions may also include the use of some creative/art therapy techniques, which some people find helpful to bring clarity, gain insight and helps them express themselves in addition to talking.

Counselling is a working relationship, a collaborative process between the counsellor and client, and, therefore, we will work together and in a mutually agreed way.

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Counselling is a safe and confidential space for you to discuss anything that you would like to.  I will not discuss anything that you say in our sessions, or share any of your information with anyone, unless I am required to do so by Law or in compliance with the BACP’s (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) Ethical Framework.

I’ll explain more about confidentiality in our initial session and if you have any concerns, I will be happy to discuss these with you.